What must be done to achieve a 'Golden State' in school education?

Year: 2012

Author: Caldwell, Brian J., Vaughan, Tanya

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


There are few counterparts to Australia's mix of public and private schools all of which are supported by funds from the public purse. There has been a trend for several decades toward the private sector to the point that the majority of students at the senior secondary level in capital cities are now in private schools. The achievement gap between high- and low-performing students remains wider than should be expected in an economically strong nation. Particular attention will be given in this presentation to (1) the funding of schools, exploring options for non-public contributions to public schools; (2) curriculum, especially in reference to the first-ever national curriculum; (3) pedagogy and the search for a 'blended' approach in practices that are often seen as mutually exclusive; (4) professionalism and the changing role of teachers; (5) innovation; and (6) governance, referring to the narrow range of approaches in the public sector.