Becoming researcher: Supervising projects about and through Deleuze

Year: 2012

Author: Bone, Jane

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


Chair is Dr Linda Knight QUT no 3445

Becoming researcher connects to ontological states: being curious and open to experience, willing to take a risk, and having the ability to engage a new kind of relationship.  Within the context of the university it is a process that involves longing for time and space to think and continually moving towards the impossibility of perfection.  Becoming researcher is conceptualised here as partially happening within a supervisory and student relationship, a relationship that is affective, ambiguous and sometimes affirmative.  The reflexive and narrative approach taken here notes that affect permeates becoming researcher, becoming writer, and becoming effective/affective in the new and uncertain relationship of supervision.  Being in a supervising role is about learning to be with others in their becoming.  This happens in many different ways and each relationship is different.  In two such relationships thinking about Deleuzian ideas and thinking through Deleuze about the research process seemed to be a point that transformed problematic areas.  Becoming a 'supervisor' is a role that receives little attention in the capacity building role of academia despite it being such a productive and potentially enriching part of academic life.  Accessing concepts from Deleuze and Guattari certain ideas are explored here, including consideration of the Event and the attainment of an 'ethical joy' by affirming affective states and alternative ways of being together.