School education reforms in Ukraine: Experience of Australia

Year: 2012

Author: Bondarchuk, Olena

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


Education in the Ukraine is now under reform. According to "National Doctrine of Education Development" (2002), the problems facing the Ukrainian education are improving the quality of education; monitoring the effectiveness of the education system at the national level; education control decentralization by expanding state-public partnership in social sector; restructuring the education system to meet the needs of the continuous character of education; forming the readiness of teachers and schools for innovations; the development of education services market; expansion of international cooperation; monitoring and using the progressive foreign experience in the field of education, etc (Osvita, 2002). To solve these problems successfully it is advisable to study the experience of foreign countries that have analogue reforms. Australia with its high quality and efficiency of school education is currently one of those countries (Rudd, K. & Gillard, J., 2008).

The theoretical basis of the study is the conceptual methodology of comparative pedagogy, involving the study of the functioning and development of educational systems in Australia and Ukraine in the context of regional and global educational space, clarification of national influences on the development of national and regional education systems; philosophical concepts of functioning and development of educational systems in the context of globalization; and the concept of innovative changes in the educational process in secondary school.