Year: 2012

Author: Bermundo, Cesar, Bermundo, Alex, Ballester, Rex

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


iBank is a project that utilizes a software to create an item Bank that store quality questions, generate test and print exam. The items are from analyze teacher-constructed test questions that provides the basis for discussing test results, by determining why a test item is or not discriminating between the better and poorer students, and by identifying alternative responses that are or are not functioning appropriately, thus, providing a basis for item improvements. More importantly, it determines where additional instruction or remedial work with individual students or the class is necessary by helping teachers determine if they have met instructional objectives in specific content areas and by providing them a check against the table of specifications for balanced objectivity and specificity of a test. The software is user-friendly and compatible with Windows-based software. The z-test and t-test for the efficiency of the software were both found to be highly significant. The efficiency in terms of time saved for using the software over traditional method of checking and analyzing the items is 90%.