Designing learning in indigenous tertiary education: Both-ways pedagogy in the Northern territory of Australia

Year: 2012

Author: Bat, Melodie, Kilgariff, Claire, Doe, Tina

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


In this presentation, a methodology for designing learning experiences in Indigenous tertiary education is presented with the intention of contributing to the growing field of knowledge in Indigenous tertiary education in Australia.

In the Northern Territory of Australia there exists a unique tertiary education provider, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education. BIITE has been engaged in the post-secondary education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for over 40 years, evolving from a small vocational program to become a dual sector provider with over 2,700 students from across Australia (Batchelor Institute, 2011, p. 21). BIITE's philosophy of adult education is that of both-ways.

The methodology presented in this paper is based on the both-ways philosophy, which has been built from knowledge shared by Aboriginal peoples in the Northern Territory, and extends this philosophy into a generative framework that has applicability in the many different contexts of Indigenous tertiary education in Australia.