Using video-feedback and annotations to develop ICT competency in pre-service teacher education

Year: 2012

Author: Anderson, Kate, Kennedy-Clark, Shannon, Galstaun, Vilma

Type of paper: Refereed paper


This paper presents the findings of a study that focused on developing information and communication technologies (ICT) competency in pre-service teacher education Units of Study. The study adopted a collaborative-learn-technology-by-design conceptual framework. One-hundred and twenty pre-service teachers participated in the semester-long study. The study involved students in Science Education and ICT in Education Units of Study. Data sources included annotated video feedback, reflective journals and pre- and post-tests. Initial findings demonstrate that the design process deepened the pre-service teachers' understandings of the affordances of Internet technology and that pre-service teachers increased their technological, pedagogical and content knowledge at the end of the semester.