Education system in Indonesia By Lisda Hadiani Al Fitri (LHA) - The state University of Jakarta

Year: 2012

Author: Al-fitri, Lisda Hadiani

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


Education is a necessity in people's lives, but the difference in view of life  in educational goals of each nation and state causes the differences in the implementation of the educational system.  Education can not be separated from educational goals achieved. The purpose of education is determined by the views of human life. This is evident in the delivery of the education system in Indonesia since the old order to date – Indonesia independent – changes of  the educational system and its laws often occurred  according to country's development demands and the development of community's life. This makes the education system faces constraints that adversely affect both teachers and students. In Indonesia the subject matter of education and teaching purposes has not received proper attention,   educators in particular. This is caused by a lack of clarity on the purpose of teaching. Thus, the curriculum is often not achieved, one teaching subject  sometime uses different text books by different teachers in the same school, where the content and materials provided are not the same as given by different teachers.  So that the student achievement is not maximum. To overcome such situation, teaching purposes and the educational system in Indonesia must be reviewed. Therefore evaluation of  educational system and teaching should be conducted by conducting experimental way of learning and when it is proved to be effective it can be implemented,  which make each teacher has a standard book with same content  or handbook in each province. (LHA)