A Critical Lens on Learning Communities: An International Comparative Study of Higher Education Practice

Year: 2011

Author: Yang, Yang, Williamson, John

Type of paper: Refereed paper

The term 'learning community' can be defined either broadly or narrowly depending on its context. It is a term now widely used in Education settings as varied as in schools and universities; or, in other institutions, e.g., business work places, by many researchers (see, for example, Brown & Duguid, 1991; Dufour et al., 2006; Huffman & Hipp, 2003; Wenger et al., 2002). A review of the Literature has demonstrated a significant change in the meaning of the term 'learning community' and this evolution in its usage has reinforced the need to investigate how participants in different contexts understand their situation if it is described as a learning community. As understood now 'learning community' is more than just a group of people who simply work together in the same space.