The Gatekeepers: Negotiating A Place For Asia Literate Curriculum In Schools

Year: 2011

Author: Salter, Peta

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This paper is part of a larger project that aims to provide insights into policy responses to calls for Asia literacy; an initiative that seeks to cross cultural boundaries by fostering intercultural understanding. The project is framed as a case study of Asia literate policy within one school setting incorporating qualitative data analysis. This project investigates the representation and response to Asia literate policy in three parts of policy analysis framework: policy as text, policy to context and policy in context (Ball, 1993), to develop a critical understanding of Asia literate policy trajectory. Critical analysis of Asia literate policy beyond the official text is integral to exploring notions of discourse and agency central to the policy as '[critical] policy studies concerns the nature of the links between policy as intended by the policy-makers and its relationship to what actually happens in practice'(Blackmore & Lauder, 2004, p. 98).