Digital Pedagogies for the Middle Years: An interdisciplinary approach to curriculum-making and learning

Year: 2011

Author: Molyneux, Paul, Godinho, Sally

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

It is well documented that student engagement in the middle years is supported by pedagogies which combine inquiry-based learning and digital technologies (e.g. Beane, 2006; Culican, Milburn & Oakley, 2006). Likewise, empowered deployment of specific multiliteracy skills (New London Group, 1996; Cope & Kalantzis, 2009) fostered through critical and creative engagement with digital tools are posited as essential for rich learning in contemporary classrooms (Anstey & Bull, 2006; Unsworth, 2002). With this knowledge, an interdisciplinary team from the Graduate School of Education and the Australian Venom Research Unit at The University of Melbourne collaborated to create a website resource, The Venom Patrol — its purpose being to facilitate the development of scientific literacy through investigations of Australia's venomous animals. A shared pedagogical commitment to cross-disciplinary curriculum, inquiry-based learning, and critical engagement with multimodal texts underpinned this interdisciplinary collaboration.