The Effect Of A Computer-based Workplace Health And Wellbeing Program On Workplace Health Culture

Year: 2011

Author: Mainsbridge, Casey, Cooley, Dean, Pedersen, Scott, Fraser, Sharon, Cosgrove, Michael

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Increasingly workplaces have become the primary site for health and wellbeing education for adults. The current zeitgeist for this education is the workplace health and wellbeing program (WHWP). Advocates of WHWP list a plethora of outcomes associated with their implementation. Nonetheless, evaluation of WHWP tend to focus on objective measures such as cardiovascular fitness and participation levels at the expense of less tangible measures such as organisational culture and climate. Common oversights like this often lead to organisations and participants losing interest and disengaging with various WHWPs (McKay et al., 2001). In turn, this leads to false positive results and low sustainability with such programs. We propose that effective evaluation of WHWPs, should incorporate employee perspectives about any changes in workplace health culture.