The Use of Student Evaluations of University Teaching in Different Settings: The Applicability Paradigm

Year: 1992

Author: Marsh, Herbert W., Roche, Lawrence A.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The applicability paradigm has been used in five studies to evaluate the applicability of items from two North American instruments designed to measure students' evaluations of teaching effectiveness. In the present investigation, the paradigm is used at the new University of Western Sydney, Macarthur (UWSM). Items from both instruments were seen as appropriate and important, and differentiated among lecturers chosen as good, average and poor teachers. A multitrait-multimethod analysis of responses from the two instruments supported their convergent and divergent validity. The pattern of items judged to be most important at UWSM was more similar to patterns found at two research universities than patterns at TAFE or two other institutions. These results support the applicability of the instruments at UWSM and across a diversity of educational settings.