Teacher Perceptions of School Leaders and their Work: Swedish-Australian Comparisons

Year: 1992

Author: Laws, Kevin, Bailey, Mike, Smith, David

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The study reported here was part of an international research program currently being undertaken in Sweden (Berg & Nytell, 1991), North America (Parkay, 1991), Sri Lanka and Australia. As part of this project in 1990 over 2000 teachers in Sweden completed a questionnaire designed to identify their perceptions of a school principal's leadership, organisation and management. With minor modifications this same questionnaire was completed by 184 teachers in seven Sydney schools. In the Sydney sample there were two Government primary schools( Years K-6), one Catholic boys' secondary school (Years 7-12), one independent co-educational secondary school (Years 7-12), one Anglican girls' school (Years K-12), one independent girls' school (Years K-12), and one Protestant co-educational school (Years K-12). during 1991 so in no way can the sample be considered repesentative of all schools However, it does comprise an interesting variety of schools selected from across the spectrum. Currently, the study is being replicated in a further seven schools in order to redress the inbalance by including some Government secondary schools as well as additional primary schools. in Sydney