TWICE FORGOTTEN: The 'lost girls' of Sudan and performative integration into Australia

Year: 2009

Author: Harris, Anne

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This paper details the project Cross-Marked: Sudanese-Australian Young Women Talk Education which uses film to offer alternative spaces of self-expression for African-Australian young women to comment on their educational experiences and the value of the creative arts within research and educative communities. These six short films address the inequity of representation of Sudanese-Australian young women versus young men both in diasporic literature and across service providers in Australia. Using a creative/performative research framework, and drawing on the principles of bricolage research and the radical critical pedagogy of McLaren and Giroux, this paper offers an example of arts-based methodologies that can work from within the Sudanese-Australian and education communities, sharing the vital work of addressing racism in schools.