Lecturer self-efficacy, research skills, and publication output

Year: 2008

Author: Hemmings, Brian, Kay, Russell

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In this study, a sample of Australian academics, from two institutions, was used to investigate factors which relate to lecturer self-efficacy. A questionnaire was utilised to obtain responses in three separate areas, namely, research, teaching, and service (i.e., administration/professional engagement). Subsequent factor analysis resulted in the identification of four research factors, two teaching factors, and two service factors. Additionally, measures of research publication output were used to select two groups of lecturers, that is, those without publications and those with limited lecturing experience but with publications. Multivariate analyses were employed to contrast these two groups on the four research factors as a means of identifying specific tasks where these groups differed with respect to self-efficacy. Significant differences were found between the two groups of lecturers on all items for the first two factors and most items on the remaining two factors. An examination of these differences revealed particular difficulties faced by one group of lecturers that were related to designing and analysing research, and writing for publication. These results are discussed in terms of their relevance for intervention programs aimed to improve self-efficacy with respect to research.