A profile of education journals

Year: 2008

Author: Fairbairn, Hedy, Holbrook, Allyson, Bourke, Sid, Preston, Greg, Cantwell, Robert, Scevak, Jill

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Once a research project has been completed, one of the most prestigious forms of publication is a journal paper. In the current outputs-driven environment there is not only increasing pressure to publish, but to publish in 'top tier' journals. However, there is little comprehensive information about the range and scope of refereed research journals in education. The SORTI team aimed to thoroughly scope and analyse the field of research journal publishing in Education internationally, and to provide a context for discussion about the emphases in journal publication in the light of assessments of research quality.

A database of over a thousand journals was compiled. The criteria for inclusion were that the journal be about education, publish research, be peer reviewed, and be published in English. Using a seven-step methodology, data on the 1042 journals was collected and refined covering information needed to identify and locate journals, to select journals to meet your publication and to make a judgment about journal quality.

A profile of the1042 journal is presented with all necessary information to allow authors to select appropriate outlets for their work including details on peer review, editorial boards, manuscript formatting requirements etc. Two new fields of information are described: a 26 discipline classification covering all areas of education; and the QScore - composite measure of journal quality which encompasses the views of Australian and international scholars, the ISI Impact Factor and the internationalisation of the journal's editorial board. A table of QScore ranges by discipline is presented.

Australian journals claiming to be 'top tier' have been challenged as being too parochial. The mapping of the eight of top tier journals by QScore demonstrates that this charge cannot be upheld: Australian journals are no more or nor less parochial than those from other countries.

Keywords: education journals, publishing, journal mapping, research journals