Workload and Psychological Wellbeing of Hong Kong Teachers

Year: 2007

Author: Yeung, Alexander Seeshing, Liu, Winnie Puiling

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Teacher education programs have mainly focused on pedagogical issues and have often neglected the psychological wellbeing of preservice and serving teachers. The fast changes due to recent education reforms have heightened teachers' level of stress. Those teachers who cannot cope with the changes may suffer from psychological illnesses. Even though the government's intent for reform is legitimate, it is important to consider ways to save the ailing profession from the stress arising from the changes. If given financial support from the government, teacher education can help in the following ways: (1) conduct workshops for personal and interpersonal development, (2) focus on learning, not teaching, (3) reduce unnecessary activities, (4) increase the scope of support, (5) provide lifelong learning opportunities, (6) increase human resource potentials, and (7) cater for teachers' psychological wellbeing. Revenue spent on these measures is worthwhile because it can prevent wastage of human resources.