Proving and Improving: Exploring the links between resilience, behaviour and academic outcomes.

Year: 2007

Author: Stafford, Karen, Moore, Craig, Foggett, Keith, Kemp, Elizabeth, Hazell, Trevor

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

A growing body of international research explores the complex relationship between student wellbeing and academic achievement. An increasingly systematic focus on wellbeing is evident in educational policy, school programs, curriculum frameworks and professional standards. It is also reflected in several concepts within the research literature, such as Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and resilience.

Despite some research limitations, there is evidence to suggest that teachers can improve behaviour and learning through a focus on social and emotional development. Schools also have a duty of care to identify and assist students at risk of harm or disengagement. It is therefore important to build the capacity of school staff to promote wellbeing and to respond to the support needs of students.

Educational researchers and teacher educators can play an important role in strengthening this capacity within the profession, through developing responsive teacher preparation programs and further investigating the links between wellbeing, behaviour and academic achievement. Much of the available research has been conducted overseas, so there is an opportunity and indeed a need to undertake quality research in the Australian context. This paper will provide an overview of selected research and a discussion of some relevant Australian initiatives.