Continuous Professional Development Of Medical Doctors In Pakistan: Practices, Motivation And Barriers

Year: 2007

Author: Siddiqui, Zarrin

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Introduction: Structured continuous professional development programs for the health professionals have been introduced worldwide and a need is recognized in Pakistan specially for the medical doctors. This study explored the current practices of medical doctors in Pakistan towards their professional development and to identify factors motivating and inhibiting their participation.

Methods: A cross sectional random questionnaire survey with both quantitative and qualitative items was sent to 500 medical doctors across Pakistan. The response rate was 62%.

Results: Professional reading, peer discussion and attending workshops and conferences are the main activities undertaken by the respondents. Lack of time, organizational culture and finances emerge as the main barriers in attending CPD activities conversely, factors related to the educational activity, relevance, cost and incentives act as motivators for participation.

Discussion: To plan a targeted Continuous Professional Development program, policy makers and organizers need to take into account the motivators and barriers identified by the respondents in this study. Similarly there is a need for trained faculty for successful implementation, evaluation and research regarding professional development. This faculty may design effective educational activities based on a sound need analysis, using strategies that cater for to the variety of learning styles and needs of participants.

Keywords: Nurse & Medical, Motivation and Self-Concept, Teacher Professional Learning, Academic Professional Development