Primary teachers'practices in a demonstration school: The pedagogical uses of websites'

Year: 2007

Author: O'Mara, Lynn, Redman, Christine

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In recent years, technology has cemented its place in society as an artefact of our social world and in education the pattern of Internet use has the potential to change the professional identity formation, individually and collectively, of teachers who use it.

Teachers are accountable to school councils, governments, colleagues, parents and the community at large for the students in their care and so researching how the Internet is used helps in understanding the individual rationales that underpin some of the day to day choices we as teachers make is important.

This study of the teachers' discursive practices carried out in an ICT demonstration school , seeks to understand their site practices in the context of their reality. Each of us has a pedagogical past or 'historical self' that acts as an agent on all we say and do in everyday life. The differences in how teachers interpret and utilize Internet websites may reflect to what degree this plays an 'active' role in determining a teacher's classroom practices.

Teachers might therefore use this study, in the future, as an analytical tool to rethink their personal educational journey in terms of a transformational model based on 'culture and agency'.