Productive Pedagogies: Working with disciplines and teacher and student voices

Year: 2007

Author: Mills, Martin, Goos, Merrilyn

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper identifies the ways in which the Productive Pedagogies framework has been refined to explore issues of school reform in Queensland. It interrogates the individual items that constitute the Productive Pedagogies framework through discipline specific lenses. It also identifies the relationship between teachers' pedagogical content knowledge and their pedagogical approaches in the classroom. Through interviews teacher and student perspectives on quality pedagogies are integrated into this refinement of Productive Pedagogies. The resulting model, while retaining the four dimensions of Productive Pedagogies as critical for the promotion of socially just classroom practices and outcomes, acknowledges the contributions that teacher and student knowledges can make to understanding what counts as high quality pedagogy. We illustrate the model via observational and interview data collected from different disciplines in upper primary and lower secondary classrooms.