AARE's Conference full papers academic peer refereeing processes.

Year: 2007

Author: Jeffery, Peter

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In 1999 AARE introduced an optional full paper academic peer refereeing opportunity for members’ conference papers. The scheme has been operated since introduction by AARE Office except for the year 2000 [Sydney Conference]. In that time [eight years] approximately 2000 full text papers have been refereed by approximately 6000 peer referees. This paper details the procedures used for operating the scheme, including selection of referees, maintenance of confidentiality and the academic authority embodied in the scheme. The paper concludes with a discussion of the performance of referees in the system and raises issues regarding the effectiveness of refereeing in ensuring high quality research work.

Keywords: Assessment and Measurement

This paper is in 3 parts detailing the procedures of AARE Office with respect to
A. reviewing proposals for conferences
B. conducting full paper refereeing for nominated papers for AARE Conferences
C. data from 2006 refereeing work and discussion