High school students' views of learning and the school experience

Year: 2007

Author: Groves, Robin, Welsh, Bridie

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Increasingly it is recognised that high school students' views about learning and school experiences are important considerations in education. Students' insights are important as a basis for their active and productive involvement.

This paper reports on the learning and school experiences of 14 Year 11 students at a high school in Perth, Western Australia. The students completed a survey to stimulate their thinking and to uncover emergent themes. They then took part in focus small group discussions, facilitated by an outside researcher, where they were given the opportunity to express their views, opinions and insights regarding their own learning and school experiences. The data from the surveys and interviews were analysed and significant themes emerged. The study reinforced the idea that students do hold well-articulated views about their own learning and school experience. When given the opportunity students expressed their insights and opinions clearly. The findings revealed several factors that students perceive influence their learning and school experiences, including meeting students needs, student voice, relationships, responsibility and control, and teacher qualities.