Diversity, equity and inclusion in Physical Education

Year: 2007

Author: Flintoff, Anne, Fitzgerald, Hayley, Scraton, Sheila

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Diversity, equity and inclusion are issues central to feminist and critical analysis in education and schooling. This paper addresses how these have been explored within PE, and the implications for research and practice. In mapping the current contribution, the paper argues that we have yet to meet the challenge, highlighted some time ago by Dawn Penney (2002), of moving beyond 'single issue research', where there is a focus on either gender, or 'race' or disability, for example, to addressing the complex inter-relationships between these. In addition, there has been little acknowledgement of why it is that some differences are explored, whilst others ignored, or any critical reflection on our own positions as researchers that such a statement raises. For example, with notably exceptions such as the work of Tansin Benn, (eg. Benn, 1996; 2002) 'race' is one difference in PE that has been steadfastly ignored in the UK. In the paper, we reflect on our (different) positions as researchers, and explore some of the theoretical and political challenges of taking difference seriously in PE.