Systemic & School Level Responses to the Imperatives of Behaviour Management: A Review of One Education System's Plan for School Improvement

Year: 2007

Author: Fields, Barry

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Recognised as a significant professional and public concern, discipline in schools is currently receiving considerable attention from politicians, educational policy makers and school administrators. School effectiveness research has provided policy makers with a wealth of information and advice about what constitutes best practice in behaviour management. This information, along with other impelling social and political pressures has seen a number of recent initiatives around the world to address the issue. In this paper, the response of one school system in Queensland, Australia, is described. Its attempt to develop a cutting edge approach to the management of student behaviour problems may represent a useful blueprint for other school systems and schools. The paper provides a preliminary review of the Queensland approach and an initial analysis and evaluation of it based on best practice evidence.