Two Literacy Projects-A Most Insightful Association

Year: 2007

Author: Emmett, Susan, Bartlett, Claire

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Marginalized, children are 'at risk' of not reaching the literacy levels of their more advantaged counterparts. The National Accelerated Literacy Program has attained dramatic results in achieving high level literacy outcomes for these groups of children.

The presenters of this paper and evaluators of the National Accelerated Literacy Program (NALP) are excited by the findings of their research. Their understanding has also been enriched by their discovery of the relationships in pedagogy between the National Accelerated Literacy approach and the research project In Teachers' Hands: Effective Literacy Teaching Practices in the Early Years of Schooling that investigated the link between children's growth in English literacy in the early years of schooling and their teachers' classroom teaching practices

The NALP has strong theoretical principles underpinning its pedagogy. The In Teachers' Hands Project developed, from the literature, the Classroom Literacy Observation Schedule (CLOS), that identifies the practices of effective teachers and groups 33 indicators into six dimensions.

This paper will illustrate and explore the connection between these two projects. As a result, the significance of the NALP will be exemplified and, an understanding of literacy teaching enriched.