Year 12 students' and higher mathematics: Emerging issues

Year: 2007

Author: Chinnapan, Mohan, Herrington, Anthony, Scott, Dale, Dinham, Stephen

Type of paper: Refereed paper

The kind of support that can be provided to increase the ability of young Australians to contribute to our economic prosperity and remain competitive in the global market place places a premium on our educational programs to develop highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals. In this context, participation in mathematics, and in particular, higher mathematics, is an important prerequisite for young Australians to develop the range of skills that underpin this workforce. This is a report on a study in progress focusing on the concern that participation in Mathematics study at higher levels to Year 12, and in universities in Australia may be declining. We provide data on the specific nature of this decline and explore emerging issues that need to be investigated including reasons students choose to and do not choose to participate in higher level mathematics.