Plagarism in a Cross Cultural Setting: Educating and Acting

Year: 2007

Author: Campbell-Evans, Glenda, Leggett, Bridget

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Matters to do with student misconduct and plagarism are taken seriously in Australian universities. Most have well formulated policies, procedures and grievances processes which guide action. These processes may adopt educative and/or disciplinary approaches.

This paper focuses on plagiarism in a bilingual Master of Education program delivered in China. Here, Chinese students and staff have an understanding and attitude to plagiarism which highlights that simple, rule bound definitions are not shared. Cultural and linguistic considerations add to the complex nature of plagiarism and draw our attention to the learning and communication aspects of the 'problem'. The paper reports examples of student misconduct and outlines steps taken to educate and discipline students so as to maintain Australian standards. In an Australian context where cycle 2 of AUQA visits will put international programs in the spotlight, our adherence to quality assurance will benefit the institution as well as the international students in the program.