"Family, motivational and behavioural links to Indigenous Australian adolescents' achievement."

Year: 2007

Author: Boon, Helen

Type of paper: Refereed paper

The role of parenting variables, including strictness/supervision and warmth and involvement, were examined in relation to school achievement and cognitive and behavioural characteristics among an urban sample of 112 Indigenous Australian adolescents. Structural equation modelling procedures tested the predictive role of parenting variables for mastery motivation, self-efficacy, behaviour problems and achievement outcomes while controlling for SES variables. Previous findings concerning the mediation role played by mastery motivation and by self-efficacy were replicated for urban Indigenous adolescents and synthesized into a unified model. Results support the role of self-efficacy in mediating parenting variables and mastery motivation upon academic outcomes. Parenting characterized by high levels of warmth, involvement and strictness/supervision was found to be significantly linked to higher achievement outcomes and lower levels of problem behaviours while the converse was indicated for parenting low in these dimensions. The study suggests that parenting variables protect against problem behaviours and promote academic resilience in urban Indigenous adolescents.