Principles of Learning and Teaching Derived from The Linton Medallists'

Year: 1992

Author: Fraser, Barbara J.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The paper is based on current research to be disseminated as a monograph entitled: Reflections on Education: The Linton Medallists. The Linton Medal, which was established by the School of Education in 1978, is awarded annually to the top graduating student in the Early Childhood and Primary Teacher Education Courses. In some years there were two or even three equal winners; to date, there is a total of 21 Medallists. Until recently, the student cohort has numbered from 300-400, so winning the Medal has been an outstanding achievement. I have taught many of the Medallists, as they progressed through their three years of studies, and they seemed to be an especially interesting group. Accordingly, as I became more knowledgeable about their interests and expectations for a teaching career, I was drawn progressively into undertaking such a study as this one. The principal method for gathering data was to invite each Medallist to write a personal - professional autobiographical essay (of approximately 3000 words) based on the following four headings namely: their family background and schooling; college experience including winning the Medal; professional development since graduation; and current views on schooling and education.