Reinvigorating the middle years: A review of middle schooling

Year: 2006

Author: Sellar, Sam, Prosser, Brenton

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

It has been claimed that the first generation of middle schooling philosophy is unfinished and exhausted and this paper reviews this claim in the light of literature and research. Firstly, I present a brief historical review of the development of the middle schooling concept and report on the current situation in Australia. This review is couched within a call for a second generation of middle schooling (Luke et al, 2003) and details a response to this call by the Redesigning Pedagogies in the North middle schooling research project. Further, this paper provides a foundation for forthcoming papers in a symposium at the 2006 AARE Annual conference, which will consider the project’s progress against its goals for reconceptualised pedagogy (Cormack & Sellar, 20006) that is strongly connected to student lifeworlds (Hattam, 2006).