Inclusivity and Senior Physical Education studies courses in Australia. Chantell and Matt move to Western Australia.

Year: 2006

Author: Penney, Dawn, Hay, Peter

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

At AARE 2005 Penney (with Evans and Taggart) outlined a new senior Physical Education Studies (PES) course in Western Australia (WA), drawing attention to ways in which course developers endeavoured to embed commitments to inclusivity in the course structure and requirements. The course purportedly enables students to personalise studies and maximise opportunities for achievement by (1) avoiding prescription of specific physical activities and (2) emphasising the scope for achievement of outcomes to be demonstrated via 'player/performer', coaching and/or officiating roles. Also at AARE Hay presented two case studies of student experiences of Senior Physical Education Studies in Queensland. In both instances school activity contexts were seen to impact on experiences and achievement. An obvious question arose: Would the two students have more rewarding experiences and enhanced opportunities for achievement if they were to follow the new PES course in WA and specifically, focus on their respective personal activity contexts? This paper represents the collaborative pursuit of this question from a hypothetical perspective. Hay's knowledge of the two students is combined with Penney's knowledge of the new course in WA to produce an analytical commentary that raises issues for debate amongst physical education curriculum developers and teachers across Australia and internationally.