Investigations into the impact of leadership styles and management strategies on cohesive, transformative ICT integration in primary schools

Year: 2006

Author: Maio-Taddeo, Carmel

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This paper attempts to draw connections between the extensive literature on management and leadership in schools and the research on Information Communication Technology (ICT) integration. Recent studies show the problematic relationship of management and leadership practice with meaningful ICT integration (MacDonald 2006). The paper will distinguish transformative ICT integration from other levels of ICT integration as they apply not only to classroom settings, but also to school structure. Some of the current literature reveals that many schools are not enjoying long-term meaningful reforms in the area of ICT integration. This paper will reflect on the literature to identify some of the possible explanations for this lack of success. It will be argued that leadership for cohesive ICT integration requires an appreciation and consideration of the influencing factors on ICT integration and their subsequent alignment. The need for further research into the role and responsibilities of educational leadership in the transformative integration of ICTs will be highlighted.