The Teaching and Learning Consortium: A field based model for preservice teacher education

Year: 2006

Author: Long, Janette, Moran, Wendy, White, Paul

Type of paper: Refereed paper

The Teaching and Learning Consortium (TLC) was initiated in 1996 on the Strathfield campus (NSW) at Australian Catholic University in partnership with nine primary schools in the diocese of Parramatta, Sydney. The program continues to the present with an expansion to over 40 primary schools in the Sydney metropolitan and outer metropolitan areas across four dioceses, private and state schools. Students involved are in Year 2 pre-graduate primary teacher education.

The main focus of the learning is to align theory with practice. This is achieved by providing:
• a research based theoretical component involving lectures and tutorials at university;
• a practical component involving action learning on site in a school setting; and
• the integration of curriculum units with professional studies.

This paper explains the TLC model of preservice teacher education through the collaboration of schools, teachers and the University.