The cluster model for conducting Learning Study for minor subjects in schools

Year: 2006

Author: Lai, Yiu-chi, Wong, Tak-wah

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

We can observe that "Learning Study" becomes more and more popular in Hong Kong. Many educators agree that it can help to make teaching and learning more effective and is a feasible way for staff development. However, due to limited resources, most schools can only start their studies from core subjects like languages and mathematics. As a result, we can hardly find adequate references for subjects involving fewer teachers in a school. In fact, we know little about the procedure and the benefits for conducting "Learning Study" for minor subjects in schools. In this paper, we used a case study on junior form Computer Literacy to explore and highlight the problems encountered in the research. We hope we can share our experience in using the cluster model for conducting "Learning Study" for minor subjects with teachers.