Passion in Jamie's Kitchen: The vital ingredient in Education and Training for young workers?

Year: 2006

Author: Harrison, Lyn, Kelly, Peter

Type of paper: Refereed paper

In this paper we will identify and analyse a recurring, and central, theme throughout the reality TV series Jamie's Kitchen - that of passion:

• Passion for food;
• Being passionate as you construct and present yourself;
• Being passionate about your work;
• Having a go, getting passionate in a training environment which compresses years of training into months of training.

In this series the high profile celebrity chef Jamie Oliver set out to transform a group of unemployed young Londoners into the enterprising, entrepreneurial, ideal worker of 21st century flexible capitalism.

This series, and its figure of the entrepreneurial, risk taking, small businessman (who in this instance is also a global celebrity brand) seeking to develop similar dispositions and behaviours in a workforce that initially does not display such character features, illuminates, and provides a means to explore, key features of new work regimes. The emphasis on passion in the analysis - which draws on Foucault's later work on the care of the self - allows us to connect to discussions about education and training that highlight the erotic/passionate/pleasure dimensions of pedagogy. These elements of education and training very rarely get discussed in a vocational education and training environment which is largely driven by modules/competencies/outcomes.