On the place of pedagogy in the induction of early career teachers

Year: 2006

Author: Gore, Jennifer, Williams, Cheryl, Ladwig, James

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This paper explores the potential of Quality Teaching in supporting the professional learning and pedagogical success of early career teachers. Much of the literature and many policies focus on matters other than pedagogy in teacher induction. Given the low retention rates for early career teachers (Strong & St John, 2005; Ingersoll, 2001; Ramsey, 2000), we argue that attention to pedagogy is not only critical to supporting new teachers and ensuring their classroom success, but is also in the public interest.

This paper discusses the induction and mentoring experiences and the pedagogical performance of a small group of teachers who undertook substantial studies in pedagogy in their teacher education program and entered NSW public schools in a context of heightened focus on pedagogy through the Quality Teaching initiative (Cohort 1). The paper also draws on data from the SIPA study to explore the experiences and performance of early career teachers who may not have had a strong grounding in Quality Teaching but who are in schools where a focus on pedagogy is expected (Cohort 2). The data from both studies highlight the need for a clear and substantial focus on pedagogy to better support the professional growth of early career teachers.