Technology use in secondary mathematics classrooms: A survey of Queensland teachers

Year: 2006

Author: Goos, Merrilyn, Bennison, Anne

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Throughout Australia there are moves to promote the integration of information and communication technologies into school education through curriculum initiatives, funding for infrastructure, and development of professional standards for teachers. In secondary school mathematics education the various state and territory syllabuses now permit, encourage, or require teachers and students to use technologies such as computers and graphics calculators in both learning activities and assessment tasks. However, research is needed to examine the nature and extent of teachers' actual use of these technologies and identify factors that support or inhibit their effective integration into mathematics classroom practice. Previous research has often looked generally at teachers' technology use across a wide range of school subjects, or, if specific to mathematics education, has limited the investigation to only one type of technology. Our own research is mathematics-specific but broad in its technology scope. This paper presents selected findings of a state wide survey of mathematics teachers' use of computers, graphics calculators and the Internet in Queensland secondary schools. We report on teachers' confidence with and frequency of use of these technologies, and analyse the role of variables known to be related to technology use, such as access, teaching experience, attitudes, and professional development.