Biographical differences and job satisfaction of Catholic primary school staff

Year: 2006

Author: De Nobile, John, McCormick, John

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Job satisfaction of teachers has long been a focus of attention for educational researchers. Arguably, this is because of links between job satisfaction and organisational behaviour issues such as commitment, absenteeism, turnover, efficiency and productivity. Job satisfaction of school employees may be related to personal characteristics, such as age, gender and years of experience. This study reports relationships between biographical variables and job satisfaction of staff members in Catholic primary schools. The sample consisted of 356 staff members of Catholic primary schools in New South Wales, Australia. Data were collected using a questionnaire survey. Comparison of means and multivariate analysis were employed to examine the data and answer the research questions. Biographical differences, particularly age, sex and position, were related to several job satisfaction variables. The results are discussed in terms of implications for schools and future research concerning job satisfaction in the context of schools.