Post-compulsory VET sector participation: Who benefits?

Year: 2006

Author: Curtis, David

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Using data from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) the labour market status, hours worked and income earned by young people (to age 24) who had participated in VET sector programs have been examined. VET programs considered are apprenticeships, traineeships and TAFE courses. VET sector participants are compared with school leavers who enter the workforce directly. The outcomes for young people who either completed or did not complete their VET programs are compared. Young men benefit most from apprenticeship programs and young women from traineeships. Young men benefit substantially more from apprenticeship programs than do any other combinations of gender and course type. There is a net benefit to program completion, but it is not uniformly distributed. Possible implications for career advisors and for policy makers are discussed.