Numeracy in a reform-based learning environment

Year: 2006

Author: Brown, Natalie, Watson, Jane, Beswick, Kim, Fitzallen, Noleine

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Curriculum reform in Tasmanian schools centres around the implementation of an Essential Learnings framework. This framework has provided a catalyst for pedagogical change; for teachers to work collaboratively and in cross-curricular ways and; for assessment to be authentic and to support learning. The place of numeracy in this reform-based learning environment is the focus of a research project which commenced in 2005. A Professional Learning program for Middle years' teachers with a goal to improve student outcomes in numeracy has been co-constructed with participants and will be evaluated at several stages through the project. An important component of the project involves working with teachers as they continue to implement the Essential Learnings. This paper reports on the baseline data received via a teacher profile and discusses teachers' responses to questions on planning and implementing units of work in the area of numeracy.