Reconsidering study guides for distance education: A methodological framework for digitising study guides

Year: 2006

Author: Auld, Glenn, Tonyan, Holli

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Kress and Van Leuwen's (2001) theory of multimodality identifies elements of discourse, design, production and distribution in multimodal texts. This study uses the above-described four elements to analyse the digitisation of study guide materials for a group of Singaporean students studying in off-campus mode for a Master of Education (Early Childhood). The study guide was presented on CD with digital videos, quotes from assigned readings and stimulus questions to which the students could type in their responses and save to a disk. Although some students had problems accessing the study guides in Singapore, this research highlights the strengths in using the four elements of multimodality as a methodological framework for transforming tertiary study guides from print to digital media. Understandings of Rogoff's (1993) concept of guided participation and Feenberg's (2002) critical approach to technology strengthened the methodological framework by providing a strong social justification for embarking on multimodal transformations of study guides for tertiary students.