Developing a Model for Primary Music Pedagogy Course to Build Student Teachers' Confidence in Teaching Music

Year: 2006

Author: Auh, Myung-sook

Type of paper: Refereed paper

The purpose of the study was 1) to determine whether a primary music pedagogy course utilizing two research-based pedagogical approaches significantly improve primary student teachers' confidence in teaching music, and 2) to develop a model for a primary music pedagogy course based on findings of this study. The National Review of School Music Education (Australian Government, DEST, 2005) pointed out the urgent need for quality teacher education for primary music due to the poor quality of music education in schools. Participants were 83 student teachers enrolled in Bachelor of Education at a university in NSW, Australia. Data were collected using the Primary Music Teaching Questionnaire (PMTQ), administered as pretest and posttest, and from student teachers' reflection notes. Results showed that: 1) Student teachers' confidence improved significantly at the end of the course (p < .05). 2) Many student teachers wrote that the group singing performances in front of peers were enjoyable and made them confident in music. 3) Individual teaching presentations gave them an opportunity to actually teach music. 4) Their posttest responses showed that the primary music pedagogy course provided them with sufficient music teaching skills, strategies, and resources. A model for a primary music pedagogy course is suggested.