Engaging pedagogies in Mathematics and Science Education: Some key ideas, issues and implications for research and teaching

Year: 2006

Author: Aldous, Carol

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This paper discusses six key ideas and issues related to mathematics and science learning and teaching. These ideas encompass notions of (1) Equity, (2) Service to humanity, (3) Literacy, (4) Knowledge dimensions and their changing emphases, (5) Affective as well as cognitive responses to mathematics and science, and (6) Connections to technology. The implications of these ideas in identifying new directions for research in mathematics and science education are considered. In particular the need to explicate the connections between content, process, context and affect in mathematics and science learning and teaching is highlighted. Research in creative problem solving within the field of novel mathematics problem solving is pointing to a way in which these links may be found. Such research, it is hoped will engage the future pedagogy of mathematics and science to be more efficacious to the benefit of all students.