Constructive solutions: Improving teaching and learning in e-learning environments

Year: 2005

Author: Trinidad, Sue

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This paper reports on the findings from research that uses a tool to help educators assess their e-learning environment. The Online Learning Environment Survey (OLES) instrument was developed using online technologies, including a web-based survey format and an SQL database where the data is instantly captured, analysed and viewed via the data screen or the charting screen. This makes the instrument very easy to use and the results can be viewed immediately providing educators using e-learning with a mechanism to adjust their teaching and enhance the learning environment. The OLES survey was administered during 2004 and the data from three case study classes using e-learning in Hong Kong are presented. Qualitative data from the interviews was used to verify the data gathered and are discussed with regard to the support needed by educators who are developing and teaching in e-learning environments as a method to improve the quality of the e-learning environment through constructive solutions.