The mindful control over learning: the relationship between dispositions towards task engagement and dispositions towards control over task engagement.

Year: 1992

Author: Cantwell, Robert H.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Salomon & Globerson's (1987) notion of "mindful" and "mindless" approaches to metacognitive control over learning are related to existing dispositional measures of task engagement. Existing approaches to learning instruments are characterised as distal indicators of how mindfully learners conceptualise, approach, and undertake learning. It is contended that existing instrumentation is less indicative of dispositions towards executive control over metacognitive decisions: that the effectiveness of executive decisions pertaining to both the content of what is to be learned and the procedural prerequisites for dealing with that content may well be mediated by predispositions towards the executive management of those decisions. This contention is discussed in relation to the development of a distal measure of executive strategy control.