Towards a definition of the integration of ICT in the classroom

Year: 2005

Author: Lloyd, Margaret

Type of paper: Refereed paper

It is self-evident to suggest that how something is understood and defined and when and where it is used determines how it is measured. The way that ICT integration is currently being measured is premised on these notions. A rethinking of the measurement of ICT integration needs a parallel rethinking of what the term "integration" means and arguably a clearer understanding of the role and level of mediation of the technology itself.

The theoretical purpose of this paper is to problematise the concepts which underpin the measurement of ICT integration and in turn, threaten to restrict the adoption of consistent and generally-applied definitions of terms. The logistical purpose of this paper is to serve as the introduction to a conference symposium on the measurement of integration of ICT in Australian classrooms. The paper will offer an environmental scan of the research into the defining and measuring of ICT integration.