Linking policy and research - a Queensland government initiative

Year: 2005

Author: Howard, Sue

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Seeking constructive solutions to the challenges around education policy development and the support of effective practice is the responsibility of state government. The Queensland Department of Education and the Arts (DEA) has recently developed its first Research Strategy 2005-2007 as one means of addressing some of these challenges.
The DEA strongly values research and recognises the benefits which quality research can deliver to policy, teaching, learning and arts and cultural development. The implementation of evidence-based policies can result in rapid advances in the effectiveness of initiatives. Practitioners and policy makers need to be able to draw on the evidence of research to make informed decisions about policy, programs and projects.

The Research Strategy 2005-2007 seeks to create a collaborative culture of rigorous inquiry informing evidence-based policy and practice. It is underpinned by seven principles: currency; comprehensiveness; collaboration; culture; communication; capital; and conduct. To implement the strategy, there are three major areas of activity:

1. lead, engage in and access high-quality research
2. embed research in policy and practice
3. build research capacity.

Such an approach by a government department provides a unique potential for academics and policy makers to work together. This paper will introduce the Queensland Department of Education and the Arts Research Strategy 2005-2007 and its purpose and scope.