Adolescents' experiences, perceptions and attitudes towards bullying

Year: 2005

Author: Healey, Jean, Dowson, Martin, Nelson, Genevieve

Type of paper: Refereed paper

The present study investigated student-level (sex, age, and cultural-background) and school-level (school-type and school climate) influences on adolescents’ bullying experiences, perceptions, and attitudes. 1403 high school students responded to the School Safety Survey (SSS). Results from the study indicate that, of the student-level factors, sex was most strongly associated with students’ experiences of bullying, but that students’ age and cultural-background were most strongly associated with their perceptions of, and attitudes towards, bullying. Of the school-level factors, school-type and school climate interacted to influence students’ bullying attitudes and perceptions, but school-type alone appeared to influence students’ experiences of bullying. This differential pattern of results indicates that a consideration of student- and school-level factors may be important in future bullying-related research and practice.