Cross Cultural Compentency as part of Participant Driven Empowering research.

Year: 1992

Author: Bishop, Russell, Glynn, Ted

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

At conference in 1991 the need for a bicultural research group within the Education Department of the University of Otago was detailed (Bishop 1991). The kaupapa of this group was to be the development of emancipatory (empowering) research, under the control of Maori people for the betterment of Maori people. Since then a number of projects under this kaupapa have been initiated. In this paper the kaupapa is briefly explained again and details of these projects are introduced. The paper then addresses one of the crucial issues identified as affecting cross-cultural research, namely the relationship between the researcher and the researched. In this paper we want to focus the discussion on the role of non-Maori in bicultural research.